Shooting Green

I came in to the studio this morning and noticed sunlight glinting off of raindrops on a plant right near our front door. (Ooh shiny!) I stopped to look closer and saw these tiny buds forming fresh growth, and wanted to find a way to get in tight enough to convey the image. We're always working on new ways of producing images, new techniques, new combinations of equipment to create the image we see in our mind's eye.


Triple entendre this time. Yeah, we're Green Frog Photo, so we shoot green in that way. The photos here are of new growth on a plant, following a rain. That's green in the photos. But the less obvious part is being as sustainable as possible when it comes to equipment. We've been around for a while, well, quite a while (stop snickering!). And while computer equipment and camera bodies come and go, the lenses and other optical pieces and parts we've had on hand may get old, they still have uses. Sometimes not the ones they were built for.

These photos were done with a contemporary camera body, attached to a late '70s vintage slide-copying bellows with an ancient lens used on a darkroom enlarger. Stuff that is getting hard to find, but is designed specifically for working at really close distances, and making images from really tiny objects. Subject to lens distance here is about 1.5 to 2 inches.

Jeff Huyck