Team Work

Kelloggs Mural project


One of the things we believe is Green Frog Photo’s strength is our team approach to servicing our clients. A team approach ensures that our client’s always receive help from a professional with over 25 years of commercial photography experience.  Both photographers are comfortable when we are shooting and when we are acting as the set assistant, computer operator, client liaison and shoot producer for the other. Either of us is willing to step into any role to create the highest quality images and video for our clients.


Many of our clients’ commercial photography projects, such as corporate headshots and product shots on simple backgrounds, are fairly straightforward. For these projects, we decide who should be the lead photographer, we work out a shoot schedule, the client comes in, we set up the product/person and lighting, and we get to it. Usually, we only need a photographer and a set/computer assistant. However, other commercial photography projects can get anywhere from a little bit to a lot more involved.


For example, last summer Kellogg’s hired us to do a series of lifestyle/product photos. They planned to use the images to create murals in a new office building. Kellogg’s brought in the product, but for each shot we also needed an approved location (Kellogg’s wanted a range of locations, from a park to various home settings), approved models with a selection of wardrobe, and tons of props for the styled sets.


In this case, since it was food related, we decided JD would be the lead photographer. Unfortunately, he was traveling and not available to plan the shoot. Because of GFP’s team approach, Huyck was able to step in as the shoot producer. He worked with Kellogg’s to determine a working budget and schedule, scouted locations, and worked with a model agency to help find just the right people for each scene. JD contacted one of his favorite stylists while traveling, and we were good to go.


On the first day of the shoot, and with JD back in the studio, we were ready to sit down with the Kellogg’s team for our pre-shoot meeting to iron out details and get to work. Our team approach resulted in great images and a happy client.

After a lot of years of creating images and video for some of the world’s leading advertising and brands, we definitely like to let our work speak for itself. Visit our portfolio and see if you think our team approach could help take your brand to the next level.