Before the project begins, we’re already asking questions and getting the details. 

How do we make the personality of the product come through? What other technical issues need to be considered? It’s simple. We solve visual problems. We create still and moving images that help tell your story, and combine them with post production and consulting services that brings your promotions to life. At the start of a project, we partner with you to develop the process, and then define and solve the issue at hand. 



Green Frog Photo has the space and equipment in studio to shoot multiple projects, including product catalogs, videos and more. Our studio includes a full kitchen for food photography shoots. We travel all over the world to capture the images our clients need. 



We’ve produced videos and multimedia shows over the past 25 years for various clients. Now more than ever, we’re seeing requests for video production. New developments in technology allow us to leverage both video and stills to put your story in motion.



At Green Frog Photo, the job isn't over once the shutter is released. We provide image refinement, editing, and color correction as part of our standard work flow. Retouching can also be provided when necessary. Your package includes finished, ad-ready images that your designer or agency can use to launch promotions and ad campaigns. 




We’ll help you take the next step. Many clients come to us knowing they need images, but they aren't sure how to use them or don’t know exactly what the pictures should do for their company or product. We can help guide the implementation of your images with marketing advice that includes message development, tactics and strategies.